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Modern Wire Drop Pendant Earrings.jpg

Learn to use heavy gauge wire to create a frame then weave smaller gauge wire around & add the drops.  We get to use a hammer & anvil too!  Beginners with some experience & Intermediates welcome.

Modern  Wire Drop Earrings/Pendant $25

 Saturday, 11-9-19 ,



Thursday, 11-21-19,

3-5 pm

Castle Walls Bracelet    $25

Thursday, 11-7-19

3-5 pm


Tuesday, 11-19-19

3-5 pm

Learn to use seed beads and czech glass with this newer stitch called DDRAW.  Beginners with some experience & Intermediates welcome.

Victorian Bead Ornament    $30

Tuesday, 11-5-19

3-5:30 pm


Tuesday, 11-26-19

3-5:30 pm

Learn to use seed beads & crystals to make this beautiful ornament cover!  Choose your own colors to match your tree & decor!  Clear ornament provided for class project.

Beginners with experience and intermediates welcome.

Fringe Ornament.jpg

Snowfall Ornament    $25   Saturday, 11-16-19



Thuursday, 12-5-19

3-5 pm


Thursday, 12-12-19

3-5 pm

Learn to weave seed beads & larger beads to make a fringe cover!  Add beads to the inside of the ornament and any other beads that will fit,. Clear ornament will come with the class.  Beginners  & Intermediates welcome.

Crossroads     Bracelet $25

Friday, 11-1-19

3-5  pm

Learn to make this cord/leather bracelet with jump rings, seed beads & Indonesian glass.  Great bracelet/gift for a guy...choose your own colors. Beginners & Intermediates welcome.

Sirious Star  Bracelet    $25

Tuesday, 12-10-19

3-5   pm

Learn to use various seed beads to create this open, lacy pattern.  Very pretty & dainty. Beginners & Intermediates welcome.

Raindrop  Earrings  $25

Wednesday, 11-27-19

3-5    pm

Learn to use a Rivoli crystal, seed beads & bugle beads to make these gorgeous earrings.  Beginners with experience & Intermediates welcome

Beginning Earrings $25

Thursday, 12-5-19

10:30-12:30 pm

Learn to use headpins, create wrapped loops & attach to earring findings.  Make earrings to match your necklaces & gifts for friends!  Beginners & Intermediates welcome.

Tango Necklace


Friday, 11-8-19

3-5 :30 pm


Friday,    11-22-19

3-5:30 pm

Learn to use flex wire, beading thread & lots of beads to make this gorgeous statement piece.  Beginners with some experience & Intermediates welcome.

Eye of the Beholder Bracelet  $25

Saturday, 11-23-19


Learn to use a jig to make wire components to form a lovely bracelet and highlight a focal bead. Beginners with wire experience & Intermediates welcome.  

Silver Chain Bracelet    $30

Friday, 12-13-19,

3-5:30  pm

Learn to create a RAW chain for the bracelet & embellish with beaded beads.  Very pretty & classy with any outfit.  Intermediates welcome.

Herringbone Wrap Necklace.JPG

Herringbone Wrap Necklace  $25

Friday,  11-15-19,

3-5   pm

Learn to use different gauges of wire to create a herringbone type wrap around a bead.  Beginners with some wire experience & Intermediates welcome.

Winter Berry Pendant  $30

Thursday, 11-14-19,

3-5:30 pm

Learn to use seed beads to create fringe with "berries" on the "twigs".  Beginners with some experience & Intermediates welcome.

Bar Code Bracelet    $25

Saturday, 11-2-19


Learn to peyote stitch seed beads & bugle beads to create this bracelet!  Very pretty! 

 Beginners & Intermediates welcome.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Store will be closed Thursday 28th for the holiday.

Re-open on  Black Friday 29th!

Rasta Marley Pendant/Wall Hanger $30

Wednesday,    11-6-19,

3-5:30 pm

Learn to peyote stitch this cool pattern of Bob Marley using Delica beads.  You can either wear as a pendant, wall hanger or whatever you desire. Beginners with experience & Intermediates welcome.

Windows to the World Bracelet.jpg

Windows to the World Bracelet $30

Wednesday, 12-11-19

3-5:30 pm

Learn to make this lovely, elegant bracelet using large crystals, bugle beads & seed beads. Beginners & Intermediates welcome.

Black Friday SALE!

Friday, 29th, 10-6 pm

40% off beads & findings!

Excludes sterling silver, consignment items, dichroic glass, sale merchandise, fill a bags & freshwater pearls.  Not applicable with other coupons.

Winter Wonderland Bracelet   $30

Saturday, 12-7-19

10:30-1 pm

Learn to use Delica seed beads to create this lovely snowflake sweater pattern.  this is made with 3-drop peyote stitch.  Beginners with experience & Intermediates welcome. 

Wine Bottle Decorative Cape $25

Tuesday, 10-15-19

3-5 pm


Saturday, 10-26-19



Wednesday, 11-13-19


Learn to use seed beads, leaf beads & others to create this beautiful decoration for your wine bottles. Great for gifts! Beginners  & Intermediates welcome. 

Point Taken Necklace2.jpg

Point Taken Necklace $30

Friday, 12-20-19

3-5:30 pm

Learn to use lots of pretty beads to create this netted necklace.  Looks gorgeous on & compliments will abound!  Beginners & Intermediates welcome. 

Vine  Necklace /Bracelet $25

Wednesday, 12-18-19

3-5    pm

Learn to use different size beads & super modified daisy stitch to make this necklace or double wrap bracelet.  Beginners with some experience & Intermediates welcome.

Roundabout  Necklace    $30

Tuesday, 11-12-19

3-5:30 pm

Learn to use a jig to create a frame, hammer it, texture it & then use smaller gauge wire to add beads.  Beginners & Intermediates welcome.

Silk Cord Knotting.JPG

Silk Cord  Knotting Necklace/Bracelet     $25

Friday, 12-6-19,

3-5   pm

Learn to use carded silk, knotting techniques & knotting tweezers to make these beautifully, dainty necklaces & bracelets. Beginners & Intermediates welcome. 

Trifecta Bracelet    $25

Thursday, 12-19-19


Learn to make this great bracelet with 2 hole Tila beads & seed beads.  Beginners  & Intermediates welcome.

Caged Pearl Pearl Necklace    $25

Saturday, 12-28-19


Learn to create a cage around a larger bead with bugle beads.  Great look for someone who likes a simple pendant on a chain. Beginners & Intermediates welcome.

Katarina Necklace.jpg

Katarina Necklace $25

Friday, 10-25-19

3-5 pm


Friday, 11-1-19


Learn to make pretty necklace with a netted rope stitch & then string it on flex wire & crimp.  Beginners with crimping experience & Intermediates welcome.

Relic Wire Pendant1.jpg

Relic Wire Pendant   $30

Wednesday, 10-23-19

3-5:30 pm


Wednesday, 11-20-19

3-5:30 pm

Learn to create a piece of polymer clay & highlight it with wire wraps.  Beginners & Intermediates welcome.

Beginning Stringing    $20

Saturday, 12-14-19,

10:30-12 pm

Learn to pick beads to make a bracelet, learn about the materials/tools used and how to crimp on the clasp. Beginners & Intermediates welcome. 

Wire Wrap Pendant $25

Tuesday, 11-12-19



Saturday, 12-21-19

10:30-12:30 pm

Learn to use square & 1/2 round wire to cage a stone, class piece or polymer clay piece.  Learn to spiral wire, add beads & add a ribbon!  You'll be finished in class & wearing it right out of the store. Beginners & Intermediates welcome. 

Starry, Starry Night Bracelet    $30

Thursday, 12-26-19,

3-5:30 pm

Learn to use Czech Firepolish glass & seed beads to make this gorgeous bracelet.  Intermediates welcome. 

Kumihimo Necklace   $25

Thursday, 12-19-19,

3-5 pm

Learn to use a foam Kumihimo disc for braiding cords together and wear as necklaces or bracelets.  Ancient Japanese technique that can be created quickly for your pendants. Beginners & Intermediates welcome. 

Boho Medallion Bracelet   $30

Tuesday, 12-17-19,

3-5:30 pm

Learn to use square stitch around in circles to make these bohemian look components stitched together for a bracelet.  Beginners & Intermediates welcome. 

Icicle Pendant   $25

Saturday, 12-27-19,

3-5    pm

Learn to use different sized beads to make this peyote stitch spiral pendant with a crystal hanging as a embellishment.  Beginners with some experience & Intermediates welcome. 

Rack 'Em & Stack 'Em Xmas Tree.jpeg

Rack 'Em & Stack 'Em Xmas Tree   $25

Tuesday, 12-3-19,

3-5 pm

Guest Instruct: Byron

Learn to create this adorable mini Christmas tree using Delica seed beads.  Make the components & stack 'em to make the tree shape.  Intermediates welcome.

Snowflake Rivoli.jpeg

Snowflake Rivoli   $25

Wednesday, 12-4-19,

3-5 pm

Guest Instruct: Byron

Learn to create lovely, sparkly snowflake to use as a pendant, tree ornament, package decoration or anything you can think of.  Beginners with experience & Intermediates welcome.

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