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Alley Cat Beading Parties!

Girl's Night Out, Birthday Parties, Wedding Parties or any occasion!

Party A:  Choose to make a necklace with memory wire or a bracelet using stretch cord.  Select from Party collection with lots & lots of fun beads to choose from.

Time:  1.5 hours

Cost:  $50 + $12 per child/teen

Party B:  Choose to make a necklace or bracelet using beading wire & attaching a clasp.  Select from any beads/findings in the store.

Time:  2 hours

Cost:  $50 + cost of selected materials per person

Both A & B parties include instructor/party guide and room

*We invite you to bring decorations & snacks in while you bead! 

 (Something easy to clean up)

*If you would like your party to last longer than the allotted time, cost is $30 per     hour  & this must be arranged ahead of time.

*For more information or to reserve a party date please call 303-451-1900 or email   us at

Jewelry Design & Repairs

Alley Cat Beads can repair/modify your broken necklaces, bracelets & earrings!  You know, your favorites that you used to wear all the time?  Let's get those back in your wardrobe!

We are able to repair most items, but need to see it to be 100% sure.  We are not able to repair items requiring soldering or drilling.  Bring your pieces in that need resized or repaired for an estimate.

  • Re-stringing 

  • Sizing of necklace/bracelet

  • Change clasp

  • Re-design

  • Create earrings

  • Knotting

  • Plus, many other repairs

We also can custom make jewelry for you!  ​Pick your beads, give us an idea of what you want & presto!  Prices vary depending on beads/findings selected and complexity of design.  Come in for details.

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